Monday, January 29, 2018

January Meeting Notes

Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild Meeting Minutes – Jan. 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Eileen Van Dyk.  The previous meeting minutes were read and approved.  The treasurer report was not available due to illness.
There was much discussion about the programs being planned for the year.  There will be a program book to follow.  A sneak peek to what is to come if as follows:
February - demos by Barb and Eileen about different scrap quilt techniques. 
March - demo about different thread techniques by Kelly S.
April - truck show by Deb from Bolts of Fun – potluck with 6 pm start time
May - truck show about paper piecing by Mary Hertel – potluck again and the meeting will be the 3rd Thursday of the month instead of the 2nd Thursday due to coordination of Mary’s events
June – Bus trip to Lindstrom, MN – barn quilts and store fronts with lunch
More to follow………..
Discussion of the shipping of quilts s to Puerto Rico.  Due to extreme costs of the shipping the quilts , they were not shipped yet.  This lead to the fact that 3 quilts were given out by Betty S. to the fire victims of a fire in New Richmond where there was a lost of a young boy.  2 more quilts were going to be given out the next day after the meeting as well for the other family that was affected by this same fire.  Due to the number of the quilts given out and the cost of shipping quilts to Puerto Rico, the previous motion was rescinded by Linda J. and there will be more research done by Ericka, Linda A, and Linda J.  A decision will be made next month.
Other caring quilt discussion was the need for bigger quilts to be made, maybe 85x 90 or so.  And a work day will hopefully be set up for a day in March to work on caring quilts.  The need is there and we need lots of participants to make it happen. 
Retreat committee – reported by Hope D. – retreat in Jan had a movie theme with a make and take.  Sounds like it was a great retreat.  Some changes were discussed about upcoming retreats and the changes that have been made between our guild and their facility.  We now will only have the upper room available to us which holds 18 people.  So, we will now have a limit of 18 people but will be able to go Thursday through Sunday again.  But they were able to add the availability of a Mon – Thurs just prior to our scheduled weekend of 18 limit.  The overall cost has increased and will require a 1st and 2nd deposit earlier in the year as well.  Cost will be Thurs – Sun with 7 meals $165.50 and the Mon – Thurs. – 3 nights with 6 meals is $159.00.  There will be some flexibility with the dates during the week day retreat as well.  Tues – Thurs, etc.  With the limit of 18 it was decided that the people who went this last year to retreat would have the first chance to go to retreat.  If they are not able to go, they can give up their spot and we will have a list of others from the guild that want to attend if a spot opens up.  Hopefully this will work out ok with the new availability of attending the retreat during the week as well. 
Farm Girl Quilt projects – Pam’s group had Linda A, Sue P., JoDee and Patsy with completed blocks.  Sue Powers won the drawing prize.  Bridget was not available for her group and drawing.  She will do another month. 
Red Wing Quilt Show – We are going as a group if you are interested to go to the show.  The show is 9-4 both Sat. and Sunday Feb 3-4th, 2018.  We will be meeting at the parking lot of St. Croix County Health and Human Services across from Walmart in New Richmond on Sat. Feb 3rd, leaving at 7:45.  Will stop at the Roberts Park and ride, leaving at 8:00.   We can stop in River Falls like we did last year, if there is any interest, also.  Please let us know.  We will see the Show and have lunch at Liberty’s like last year as well.  It has been a very nice event in the past.  We will just meet and see who wishes to drive and ride together. 
Show and Tell started with the items from Retreat and others to follow.  Nice work everyone!!
The meeting was adjourned after a motion by Linda J. and seconded by Linda A. 
Next month’s meeting will be held Feb 8th, 2018 at 6:30 at the St. Luke’s Church.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December Meeting Notes

The December meeting was a potluck meal enjoyed by all.  The meeting was called to order by Vice President Mary Pagel. 
Committee Reports as follows:

Retreat – presented by Hope Dietrich – updates – We will be able to extend our retreat to include Thursday this year.  Thursday noon to Sunday at 2 pm.  - $160.00 – a list was sent around to sign up for those that can attend on Thursday as well.  Check make to Willow River Piecemaker’s this year instead of Oak Forrest Center.  It was determined that we only had 4 rooms reserved.  Hope to call about the number of rooms. 

Quilt Show – Patsy says she is working on a possible demo for Saturay during the quilt show – Sandy is doing the license, JoDee is doing vendors. 

Farm Girl Vintage – 5 people showed their 4 blocks of 48 – Patsy won the prize drawing – for the open class Patsy and Laurie completed – prize will be next month per Bridget

It was decided to move the January meeting to Jan 18th, 2018 due to the retreat falling on our regular meeting evening.  Please note this change for January.  The time is 6:30 pm at St. Luke’s Church. 

Note – I also haven’t seen the list for Hostesses for the new year.  So hopefully you know if you signed up for treats for the January meeting.
Show and Tell was done and we played the Dice Game for fat quarters.  Fabric fun was had by all. 
It was moved by Kelly S. to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Linda J. 
Hope to see you at the retreat in January and/or the January meeting. 

Willow River Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild Secretary – JoDee Johnston

Monday, November 20, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Eileen Van Dyk.  Secretary report read.  Approved by Cindy Peer and seconded by Linda Justmann.  The Treasurer’s report was read.  Approved by Patsy Larson and seconded by Kelly S.  We had a guest this evening named Chris Fohrenkamm and she decided to join our guild and along with Tracy Vail. 

Committee Reports
Budget – Bridget will be working on this.  The categories will be simplified to 4 categories including: Education, Fund Raising, Community Service, and Misc. There was money left over in the Education budget from last year of approximately $267.00. 
Caring Quilts – 1 large big purple quilt and 1 small one quilt were tied by 4 ladies tonight before the guild meeting.   Still more to be done.  There are also 56 packets of purple fabric for blocks to be made.  Please take a packet or a few and sign out on the list after the meeting.
Quilt Show -  Patsy working on it.  Still looking for a jump drive or disc.  This was located in the back room after the meeting.  JoDee called Patsy with that information.  Only 2 ribbons will be issue this year at the show.  JoDee volunteered to do the Vendor letters. Sandy provided the sample letters and Vendor list from previous years. 
Program Committee -  was held after the meeting this evening.  Many great ideas were shared.  Multiple members will be making contact to possible speakers for the upcoming year.  The goal is to have a printed program for the first of the year. 
Treasurer’s Report – Starting Balance:  $5,676.13.  Outgoing: Hope Dietrich $25.00 for paint chip challenge – JoDee Johnston $5.26 prize for farm girl vintage ( open) Incoming: $270.00 (18 members paid dues)   Ending Balance:  $5,915.87
Retreat Committee – Hope talked about the contract.  The new cost is $108.50 Friday noon through Sunday.  The extra day on Thursday is still in negotiations with Oak Forrest Center.  This will be announced at the December meeting.  Plan to pay for 2 nights for sure at December meeting.  Eileen to negotiate 2 meals a day instead of 3 to help with the extra expense.  Non-guild members are ok to invite if we are not full.  Minimum of 12 an Maximum of 24.  If you are attending the retreat, you will need to make your checks out to the Willow River Piecemakers this year instead of Oak Forest Center. 
Farm Girl Vintage – Pam’s group with the 48 blocks – 4 members completed their 4 blocks – drawing won by Cherri.  Bridgette’s group - Betty won the drawing.
Challenge – Paint Chip Challenge - 4 completed items were turned in – all very nicely done – The guild voted and the winner was Hope Dietrich.  Thank you to Barb Rogers and Hope for doing this challenge project.  They will be displayed at the Quilt Show in Sept.  If you were not able to complete your Challenge project you may still enter it in the show if you chose to. 
Old Business – Community Service Project for the month of December was discussed.  After discussion the decision was made to send 10 quilts to Puerto Rico to Grace Lutheran Church, a church that Eileen had emailed previously.  And it was decided we would give to T.H.U.G. in Somerset.  (Truly Humble Under God) which helps teenagers in need.  We will be giving a $100.00 gift certificate, $25.00 Grocery gift certificate, and a stocking with stocking stuffers – all for 1 teenager.  If you choose to donate to the stocking stuffers, it was suggested to bring chap sticks, Subway Gift Cards, gas cards, and other appropriate stocking stuffers that a teenager could use and that would fit in a stocking.   
Pam Caduff brought quilt books and patterns to give away and share with everyone.  Cherri brought a wooden quilt frame to give away as well. 
We had Show and Tell and Hope did a wonderful program on embroidery with crayons and how much this has changed over the years.    She put together a handout if you were not able to be at the meeting. 
Laurie Croone one of newest members in the guild had knee surgery the week before.  I sent out a get-well card to her.
The meeting was adjourned by Kelly S. and seconded by Linda Justmann. 
Hostesses were Barb Rogers and Hope Dietrich
Next Month – December’s meeting is on December 14th, 2017 at 6:00 pm at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.  It is a potluck event.  The discussion Topic is Quilting Memories.  There will be a Christmas block exchange if you are interested.  Bring a 12 ½ inch unfinished Christmas Block in a brown paper bag.  Also we will be playing the Dice game so please bring a couple of fat quarters to share for the game. 
Hostess for the December meeting is Bridget Larson.  All that should be needed is beverages as we will be having a potluck. 
Please remember your stocking stuffers for the December meeting as well. 
It has come to my attention that I will out of town for the December meeting so if someone could please take minutes for me and send them to me, I would really appreciate it. 
I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas as well. 
JoDee Johnston

Willow River Piecemaker’s Secretary

Monday, November 6, 2017

November Meeting Reminder

Our next meeting is Thursday Nov. 9th, 2017.  It's a 6:30 pm at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in New Richmond.  Membership dues are also due if you have not paid for them already.

It has been brought to my attention of a couple of corrections for our meeting minute that were previously sent out. 

Hope Dietrich was elected as the Vice President.

Sandy Balcerak has volunteered to take care of the Raffle license and tickets but she did NOT volunteer to take care of the vendors for the Quilt Show.  So we will still need someone to volunteer for contacting of the vendors, sending out the letters and being responsible for the vendors during the show.  Sandy, if you could please bring your vendor information to the meeting, I will take a look at it.  Thank you.

And Betty wanted everyone to know that we will be tying quilts on Thursday before the meeting starting at 2 pm.  There is 1 large quilt and 2 smalls quilts to tie.  Please try to attend if at all possible.  Thank you Betty for coordinating this effort. 

Hope to see you all at the November meeting.  Thank you.

JoDee Johnston
Willow River Piecemaker's Secretary

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Eileen Van Dyk.  The secretary’s report and Treasurer’s report were presented and accepted.
Committee Reports
Raffle Quilt - is at Jean Potter’s waiting to be quilted.   The dates for the Quilt Show will be September 22-September 23.  The dates had to be changed due to a conflict with WITC’s schedule.
The name for the show is “Good Times with Quilting”
Sandy will get copies of fliers, raffle tickets to the Quilt Committee.  She has also graciously volunteered to handle the vendors.
Caring Quilts – Two big quilts were tied and binding is needed on them.  With the demonstration on how to apply binding we all have updated skills.  Feel free to grab a quilt to bind.  There is a family, by Pine Lake, that has had a house fire.  We will be giving them a quilt.
The purple squares from Farm & Home were also worked on.  This quilt should be finished and ready to be tied in November.  Watch for an e-mail with a date.
Retreat Committee – Our retreat at Oak Forest will be January 12, 13, 14.  The cost is $102.  We may be able to add 1/11/18 if they do not receive a registration.  No lunch would be served on January 11th.  The additional day will cost $40.  We will know by the December meeting if this is possible.  They will determine where to place us by the number of quilters attending.
Challenge Committee – Reminder that the challenge is due next month….get working girls  J
The by-law changes were discussed with changes being that we elect 4 officers for a one-year term, the calendar year will be reflected by the regular calendar. Other smaller language items which were talked about at past meetings were also read.  The motion to accept these By-Law changes passed.
Officer Elections -   Eileen volunteered to continue as President, Jodee volunteered to continue one more year as Secretary and Bridget also will continue another term.  Barb Rogers was elected to President Elect (with help from Linda Andert) We appreciate all they have done and will continue to do. (Awesome!!)
We reviewed the survey we put together regarding things we would like to see the Quilt Guild do.  Some of things have been accomplished.  Other things still need to be worked on.  The opinion was that the Guild has turned around and is headed in the right direction.
Farm Girl projects - Judy, Patsy, Barb, Lori and Linda had completed their 4 blocks for the Farm Girl Quilt.  Linda won playing cards and thread for the drawing.  Patsy and Betty Schmidt completed their 4 blocks for the Miscellaneous Farm Girl project.  Betty won the drawing and received a pattern.
Demonstrations – Meg Tryba show how to apply a Faux Piping Binding.  She will be e-mailing instructions for review soon.
Jean Krumm showed us how she machine stiches her binding on.  Her secret…..ironing and stitching in the ditch consistently.  Who knew. Thanks ladies for the learning moments  J
Show & Tell
 Taken by Linda Andert -
 Thank you Linda, for taking notes for me while I was away.  By the looks of the notes, I missed some good demonstrations…………….I’m just adding next month’s activities to the bottom.
November’s meeting will be at 6:30 on the 9th at St. Luke’s Church in New Richmond. 
The program is Holiday Traditions and Decorations.  The hostesses are Hope Dietrich and Barb Rogers. 

Reminder the challenge project is due at the November meeting.